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Life is but a Dream… May 2, 2010

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IMG_0695, originally uploaded by Artenvy.

Still practicing my art…I just finished my Suzi Blu workshop and am now taking the Inspire me Workshop from Monica Zuniga at Hands and Heart. This class is so worth the money, I’m learning so much! This is one of my altered books I’m working on. It’s the second page. If I could dream, knowing I could not fail I would dream I was a successful artist with my artwork in galleries and selling on Etsy, maybe even teaching a class or two. I would be the best mom in the world and be all that my family needs me to be. My house would be clean and meals healthy and delicious and on time every day. I would never lose my patience, I would always have a sincere smile and positive word for everyone…..I could go on and on….I would go to church with my family every Sunday…


Today was my Birthday! March 6, 2010

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Digital ARt Background #1

I had a great birthday today.  I got a Wacom Bamboo Graphics tablet so I can start trying my hand at some digital art (Can’t Wait!!!).  I also got some fun new art supplies, a new moleskine journal and dinner out with my lovely family!  Funtimes!

I was just reading my first ever post on this blog and when I started I was hoping to post at least once a week!  I’ve failed miserably! I will be the first to admit that consistency is not my strong point!  I always have so much going on in my head I hardly know which way is up sometimes! I have also been completely immersed in my art journaling and Suzi Blu online workshop.  I just signed up for two more workshops too, so I’m hoping to post some more stuff as I go along.  I usually post everything on Flickr instead.  Oh well…

Only time will tell if I can actually make this a habit.  I’m a terrible writer! But tonight I feel like I’ve ended my Birthday evening on a good note!  Nighty Night, or I guess it’s now a good morning here!


February 10, 2010

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Suzi Blu’s Goddess & the Poet Workshop January 5, 2010

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I’m taking my first online art workshop! I’m so inspired and happy to finally be getting some instruction on drawing faces! I chose Suze Blu because I fell in love with her quirky, generous and upbeat nature. I highly recommend!

This was my first sketch, and I am quite pleased!

This is my first sketch in my beautiful moleskine journal that  I was so afraid to start for fear of ruining it!

Hear is the same sketch from above with added color and  background elements. I think her face looks too harsh, and I  messed up with part of her face!

Below is same journal page with added rub-ons that I went a little crazy with.  I’m contemplating whether I should try and tone them down a bit with added paint or something, but I’m afraid of ruining it!


How to Alter an Un-Liked Art Journal | December 15, 2009

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For anyone participating in Creative Everyday 2009, December theme  “Recycle”, here is a link to a wonderful article about creative ways to recycle old art journal pages that you just don’t like.  It’s an inspiring article and gave me lots of ideas for the future.  A perfect fit for December’s theme of “recycle”.

How to Alter an Un-Liked Art Journal |


My first attempt at an ATC card(s) December 8, 2009

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I love the idea of the Artists Trading Cards.  I just created my first two.  They are a lot of fun to create and I’m looking forward to doing more.  Here are the results:

And this one below still needs some work so it’s not complete yet, but I like it so far!


Art Journal Progress

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My expectations of where I would be with art journaling by now was way off!  I was thinking I could whip a nice looking page out at least once a day, but it takes me forever to put even one together.  I also have this fear of ruining a good thing.  I’ll get to a point where I like the visual, but I know it’s not done, but then I’m afraid to do anymore because I might mess it up!  Urgh…have to let go off that road block!  Anyway here are some pictures of what I’ve done so far:

Children’s Board Book from Thrift Store

Gesso Over the Pages

Create a Background

Add Journaling

I haven’t figured out how to keep the center from pulling apart (see the white down the middle, it was all collaged and painted like the rest)

Finally a finished page!

Here is another used book I bought, this one the pages are spiral bound so you can’t really tie the pages together easily without gunking up the spiral in the middle.

Here are a few of the backgrounds I’ve started…

So I’ve been busy trying my hand at art journaling, but I had higher expectations for myself! However I am loving the process and the learning that is taking place is a good thing.