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Really Awesome Video on Transparency Transfers July 29, 2010

Filed under: Creative Insight — artenvy @ 10:53 pm

I just discovered this video today and can’t wait to try this technique. I found a whole package of inkjet transparencies at the local Goodwill (thrift store) yesterday. I’ve been wanting to get some, but they were too expensive at the office supply store. I only paid 99 cents for an unopened package of 50! What a treat! I will post whatever it is I come up with when I’m finished experimenting. I’m totally inspired!


2 Responses to “Really Awesome Video on Transparency Transfers”

  1. Sandee Walsh Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this informative video!!! I have a load of transparendies and was never totally sure what could be done but now I have a whole new wrinkle in my grey matter. Can’t wait to try some and again, thank you for this inspiration. Mega thumbs up…

  2. Kristen Says:

    I love this video too! I haven’t been able to do one yet, because my Epson printer won’t print on the transparency, it just spits it right through. They are inkjet transparencies too. I haven’t figure out how to make it work, but my husband has another printer from work i’m going to try on that one soon. If you don anything with your transparencies, I’d love to see it!

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