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Life is but a Dream… May 2, 2010

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IMG_0695, originally uploaded by Artenvy.

Still practicing my art…I just finished my Suzi Blu workshop and am now taking the Inspire me Workshop from Monica Zuniga at Hands and Heart. This class is so worth the money, I’m learning so much! This is one of my altered books I’m working on. It’s the second page. If I could dream, knowing I could not fail I would dream I was a successful artist with my artwork in galleries and selling on Etsy, maybe even teaching a class or two. I would be the best mom in the world and be all that my family needs me to be. My house would be clean and meals healthy and delicious and on time every day. I would never lose my patience, I would always have a sincere smile and positive word for everyone…..I could go on and on….I would go to church with my family every Sunday…


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