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Suzi Blu’s Goddess & the Poet Workshop January 5, 2010

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I’m taking my first online art workshop! I’m so inspired and happy to finally be getting some instruction on drawing faces! I chose Suze Blu because I fell in love with her quirky, generous and upbeat nature. I highly recommend!

This was my first sketch, and I am quite pleased!

This is my first sketch in my beautiful moleskine journal that  I was so afraid to start for fear of ruining it!

Hear is the same sketch from above with added color and  background elements. I think her face looks too harsh, and I  messed up with part of her face!

Below is same journal page with added rub-ons that I went a little crazy with.  I’m contemplating whether I should try and tone them down a bit with added paint or something, but I’m afraid of ruining it!


5 Responses to “Suzi Blu’s Goddess & the Poet Workshop”

  1. Mary Says:

    Making that first mark in a brand new journal is a little scary. I like your girls, I saw your girls over at Suzi’s site …I’m taking the goddess class too. I’m also on wordpress.

    • artenvy Says:

      Thank you! You are I think only the 2nd person to ever comment on my blog! I’m a horrible blogger. I want to get more consistant with it, but it takes me so long to figure out things I get frustrated! I love the Suzi Blu class! It’s first art anything class I’ve ever taken! I looked on your blog as well and your work is amazing! I love your backgrounds!

      • Mary Says:

        Thank you so much….and thanks for coming by my blog. When I first started on wordpress, I was able to add the tiny pics (whatever they are called) on the sidebar. I don’t know anything about the codes. Is that how you got Milliande’s badge over there?

      • artenvy Says:

        Hi Mary, I think I used the “widgets” under the Appearance category. You drag the widget you want into the sidebar (in this case I think I used “image”) and go from there. I don’t remember how to change the artwork in my gallery, or how to add it to my gallery. I did it once, and now for the life of me I can’t figure out how I did it! LOL! Kristen

  2. Suzi Gregersen Says:

    Would love to take a portrait class with Suzi Blu. Will the she be teaching another or can I purchase the video from any classes that she has already offered?

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