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Art Journal Progress December 8, 2009

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My expectations of where I would be with art journaling by now was way off!  I was thinking I could whip a nice looking page out at least once a day, but it takes me forever to put even one together.  I also have this fear of ruining a good thing.  I’ll get to a point where I like the visual, but I know it’s not done, but then I’m afraid to do anymore because I might mess it up!  Urgh…have to let go off that road block!  Anyway here are some pictures of what I’ve done so far:

Children’s Board Book from Thrift Store

Gesso Over the Pages

Create a Background

Add Journaling

I haven’t figured out how to keep the center from pulling apart (see the white down the middle, it was all collaged and painted like the rest)

Finally a finished page!

Here is another used book I bought, this one the pages are spiral bound so you can’t really tie the pages together easily without gunking up the spiral in the middle.

Here are a few of the backgrounds I’ve started…

So I’ve been busy trying my hand at art journaling, but I had higher expectations for myself! However I am loving the process and the learning that is taking place is a good thing.


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