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The learning process has begun… February 16, 2009

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Just before Christmas I was browsing the books at JoAnn’s and came across a book by Kelly Rae Roberts entitled “Taking Flight, Inspiration & Techniques to give your Creative Spirit Wings”. The title says it all. After taking it home and reading it cover to cover, I took out a canvas I had stashed away for the last 5 years (I was afraid to ruin it, so I never had the courage to use it!). Pretty soon our dining room table was covered with all my various assortments of art supplies and I dove in without hesitation. So, for Christmas presents for my brother and sisters, and my parents, I made several paintings all within one week, this dragonfly was the first.

I have found that I want to paint everyday, but my husband isn’t fond of the mess, and I’m not real great at putting things away and then getting them all back out again. So I haven’t really painted anything since.

Organization isn’t my forte. I have an office that has my computer, drafting table, fax and printer, bookshelves and storage drawers, which I always intended to be an art studio space too. But I have so much “stuff”, there’s no room left to spread out and paint! Excuses, Excuses I know. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t taken the time to reorganize so that I can actually use the room. There is a solution to every “problem” I use as an excuse not to paint and get creative. I procrastinate out of fear and guilt I think. Fear of not creating things that are “good enough”, and guilt for doing something I WANT to do versus the things I SHOULD be doing! BALANCE is the key to everything…so true in my life.

Anyway, if anyone out there is looking for some inspiration and is attracted to collage and mixed media you’ve got to get this book! The techniques are easy to follow and will have you creating great paintings immediately! I love, love, love her style and her willingness to share and inspire other creative souls. Thanks Kelly Rae Roberts!


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