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Hello world! February 15, 2009

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Hi, my name is Kristen and I’m totally new to this blog world, but I picked up the Somerset ArtBlog Magazine and discovered this whole new world relating to art and creativity and inspiration!  So I thought I could give it a try.

I haven’t always thought I was the creative type, but years ago my ex-father in law spent a few hours with me in his art studio, put a brush in my hand, paper in front of me and watercolor paints to use, and “viola” my creative wings began to bloom.

I’ve always liked to”make” things using whatever I could get my hands on, but never really considered my projects anything special until my family and friends started to really make comments like “your so talented”, “how do you come up with these things…”, “you are so creative…” etc.  I always just kind of brushed those nice words off, because to me, everyone else is much more talented than I am.

But finally after 20+ years of “wishing I could do that…”, I’ve realized that I’ve been making art all along, just not giving myself credit for it.  I’m passionate about things that until recently I thought were just “weird”.  For example, sitting on a beach for hours at a time collecting rocks and admiring how their textures, shapes and colors all mesh together in an exquisite visual and tactile masterpiece.  The latter activity gives me great joy!  I never really considered decorating my home with hand painted pictures, eclectic groupings and “trash to treasure” furnishings to be anything other than an expression of my need for lots of variety in color and texture. Now i realize that I actually have been feeding my creative “hunger” all along.  Now I’m ready for a creative “binge”.

If I could spend all my time painting on canvas with mixed media, creating one of a kind pieces of furniture, making jewelry from my collections of beads, buttons and rocks etc… I WOULD!  But…I have a family to take care of and children to keep happy, so I don’t.  My task now is to find some way to do both.  I’m an all or nothing sort of gal, so trying to juggle both seems impossible to me.  I’ll figure it out though, I always do, and there is so much inspiration online and off, I know I can be a part of the “art world” just by doing a little bit at a time.

I’m definitely not a good writer.  I probably don’t make much sense, but I figure I’ll get better as I go along.  I can’t wait to share some of my creative projects and get feedback from like-minded folks.  So today I just met my goal…Start a blog with just one post…Let’s see if I can keep it up just once a week!  Hope so.

Chow for Now,



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